Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you heal a physical body?

A: A healer works with subtle energy bodies, which a physical body consists of. Thus, any changes in the physical body will be secondary to work on the subtle energy levels.

Q: Is subtle energy healing a faith based method?

A: No, you do not need to have a leap of faith to be healed.

Q: What about “miraculous” healing, does it exist?

A: In any medical practice, there are cases of spontaneous cures, but this rare.
Many new patients expect the intentional healing process to be spontaneous mostly because the term ‘healing’ has been associated with mythological or religious associations of anomalous recovery, i.e. ‘a miraculous cure’. Subtle energy healing is not faith based. In adult cases, it has taken many years for the body to come to a state of imbalance and illness due to toxins, environment, actions, deeds and thought. The healing process in comparison is actually very short.

Q: How does a healer work?

A: The healer uses concentrated, specific qualities of energy/intention that is resonant with the particular area of the body part. The healer then projects this quality of energy (or intention) in a controlled quantity into the subtle bodies.

Q: What the period of healing depends upon?

A: The period of healing depends greatly upon :
• the patient and the type of disease;
• the length of time a patient had the disease before he/she addressed a healer;
• upon patients’ habits, type of a character, age, patients’ attitude and outlook; upon subjective responses to this method of healing and many others.

Q: How much time does it take to heal a health issue?

A: It may take several months or several years depending on the above mentioned conditions.

Q: Can you say how long it would take to address an issue in each specific case?

A: Each human is unigue and has unique nuances and an origin of a health issue. That is why the healing time of simingly same disease, let’s say, a bladder inflamation, will be different for different patients.

Q: When is the best time to seek healer’s help?

A: In some cases the disease may not have been diagnosed with all medical tests showing up normal and healthy. Still the patient feels discomfort and an overall anxiety about his or her physical health. This is the best time to begin intentional healing work as the disease itself is only at its inception and can be more quickly eliminated.

Q: I cannot be physically present at each session. Do you do sessions by phone?

A: Yes, I do. You may  choose any of the following sessions for your convenience: in-person sessions, remote phone sessions, remote non-contact sessions and pre-recorded sessions.

Q: How long is the duration of your session?

A: A session lasts up to 15 minutes. But its effect is continuous. The healing process requires the healer to build up the patient with each session. So it is important for the patient to be consistent with the work. The next session will give a patient another required portion of healing subtle energy that will last until a new session and so on.

Q: Do I need to prepare for a session?

A: I recommend to rinse yourself  and relaxed for about 15 minutes prior each session.

Q: Any recommendations after the healing session is over?

A: After every session, the patient should remain in a relaxed position for another 20 – 40 minutes to allow his/her subtle bodies to absorb a newly “installed” program. Any kind of activity immediately after the healing session without the proper time for absorption will interfere with this program and might diminish its effect.

Q: Will I sense the results of your work during a session?

A: You may have profound relaxation, itching, tingling, warmth in the fingers, toes, palms, or an all over body-heat; increased heart beat and circulation; throbbing in old injuries; increased sensitivity, especially to odors; sharper vision, feelings of love, relief, sorrow and other emotions may come to the surface.

Q: Are there any other signs of healing process?

A: There are many of other signs and the most frequently reported are :
• drainage from sinuses and nose
• drainage into back of throat
• coughing
• invigorated, youthful appearance
• better hydration, circulation, skin tone
• rash
• changes in body and urine odor
• gastrointestinal changes
• positive changes in women’s menstrual cycle

Q: I do not have any sensations during the healing session. Does it mean that a healing program is not working and I do not get a treatment?

A: The healing goes on even if you feel nothing. The lack of sensations is usually explained by a low sensativity towards subtle energy or by the presence of some other heath issues you are not aware yet.

Q: Can I use SES Water without healing sessions?

A: Yes, you can.  SES Water is very effective in preventive healing for cleansing and detoxifying of the subtle bodies, targeting specific toxic areas and enabling safe and healthy elimination.

Q: Can I boil SES Water for making tea, coffee or soups?

A: SES Water preserves its healing program if it is kept in a cool place, a refrigerator for example. Boiling is not recommended.

Q: Can I use SES Water for making cold drinks, smoothes, for instance?

A: Any kind of cold beverages made on the basis of SES Water can be used for preventive healing.

Q: Do I receive a specific healing program for my SES Water?

A: Yes, you do. In all cases each patient receives individually energized water that corresponds to her/his needs or the needs of his/her phase of healing.

Q: Do I need to be physically present at your place during a healing session?

A: Healing can be done by phone with a patient relaxing in his/her house, no matter what country you are in.

Q: Will the phone healing be as effective as an in-person session?

A: Yes, It will be. The distance does not play any role during subtle energy healing.

Q: Do you make medical assessments of the patients’ health?

A: I am not a licensed physician and I do not make diagnostics or give any medical advice or recommendations concerning the state of your health.  I also do not evaluate any intermediate results during the healing process.

Q: I have additional questions. How do I contact you?

A: Please use our Contact Form.