Subtle energy healing is not a medical treatment. Any changes on the physical level will be secondary to work on the subtle energy levels. 

This work is not intended to replace the treatments or evaluations you may be receiving from a conventional health care provider or physician.  I encourage you to continue to seek the advice and treatment of your health care provider during the course of the work.  However, I do need to be informed of any treatment, conventional or otherwise, that you are receiving in addition to our work together.

There are no guarantees with subtle energy healing, and symptoms can get better or worse during the course of treatment.  While I believe strongly in the work and its ability to help you, I cannot assure you that it will provide you with any improvement.

I am not a licensed physician and I do not make diagnostics or give any medical advice or recommendations concerning the state of your health.  I also do not evaluate any intermediate results during the healing process. Everything that I say during sessions or conversations is my opinion only and cannot be regarded as a medical assessment.