Healing Sessions with Mikhail Dekhta

Intentional Healing is a non-touch, non invasive process. Mikhail has a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the physical body yet all the work is done on the subtle body levels.

The initial consultation will include a scan of the patient’s system and a discussion of the patient’s history: possible medical diagnostics, reports, treatments and/or medications. The healer and the patient will together determine goals and objectives as well as the frequency of healing sessions necessary to achieve those goals. You may choose any of the following sessions: in-person sessions, remote phone sessions and remote non-contact sessions.

An in-person session is when the healer and patient work in person at the healer’s office. This is a non invasive, non touch healing session. Mikhail Dekhta’s office is in Beaverton, Oregon. (Please contact through this website for more information.)

A remote phone session is quite common. The patient calls Mikhail at the appointed time and either

a) stays on the line during the entire session or

b) calls to say that he/she is ready for the session, hangs up the receiver, then remains in a relaxed position (such as in an armchair or bed) for about 20 – 60 minutes.
 This type of session is convenient for patients who live in other cities, states, or countries and are unable to see me in person.

A remote non-contact session is a healing session that takes place at the appointed time without verbal contact. This type of a session is functional when phone contact is impossible (due to travel or other reasons). In this case all scheduled sessions automatically become remote sessions.

All of these types of sessions are equally effective and are chosen by patients at their convenience and can be combined.

Session Duration
A session between Mikhail Dekhta and a patient lasts up to 15 minutes. But its effect is continuous. The healing process requires the healer to build up the patient with each session. So it is important for the patient to be consistent with the work. The next session will give a patient another required portion of healing subtle energy that will last until a new session and so on.
After every session, the patient should remain in a relaxed position for another 20 – 40 minutes to allow the patient’s subtle bodies to absorb a newly “installed” program. Any kind of activity immediately after the healing session without the proper time for absorption will interfere with this program and might diminish its effect.

The method of intentional healing for any disease takes time and consistency.
In any medical practice, there are cases of spontaneous cures, but this rare.
Many new patients expect the intentional healing process to be spontaneous mostly because the term ‘healing’ has been associated with mythological or religious associations of anomalous recovery, i.e. ‘a miraculous cure’. Subtle energy healing is not faith based. In adult cases, it has taken many years for the body to come to a state of imbalance and illness due to toxins, environment, actions, deeds and thought. The healing process in comparison is actually very short.

I strongly advise against the use of alcohol and recreational drugs during the healing process, as they create additional obstacles for the healer’s work and slowing and even preventing the achievement of desired results. These substances not only create a toxic “load” but also adversely affect the development of the subtle bodies. Those who have a consistent positive attitude and outlook make faster progress in their healing than those who experience a lot of negative thoughts and moods.