Healing Water

Ice cube of SES Water™ charged with the intention of love



Hydration. The key to detoxification, a healthy metabolism and the best weapon against fatigue. For centuries, water has been associated with life- force. Now it can be imbued with an energetic life force that is particular for an individual’s health needs. Mikhail Dekhta’s experiments with the effects of healing intention on water have been presented and are continuing with the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR lab).

This is Subtle Energy Saturated Water™. (SES Water)

Below is a photo of an ice cube of SES Water charged with Subtle Energy (healing energy) for a patient healing from chronic disease. This unusual shape is not typical for ordinary frozen water. Next to it is the control, or ordinary tap water not charged with any intention or subtle energy.

SES Water frozen

 The shape of frozen SES Water depends on many aspects. Some are: the healing program ‘encoded’ into the water, the patient’s disease and its healing phase.

Non charged water: ordinary ice cube

Healer and researcher, Mikhail Dekhta, works with intention and water: Subtle Energy Saturated Water (SES Water). In his research at the Center For Functional Research, he has collected significant findings and data on the subject. In many of Mikhail Dekhta’s experiments of energy intention on water, his results are similar to Dr. Masuru Emoto’s results. Dr. Emoto is the renowned researcher whose striking photographs, Messages from Water (Vols I,II and II), reached the masses in the sleeper, hit film: “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

Aside from applying his intention to the subtle bodies of a client during a healing session Mikhail also charges ordinary, un-tampered tap water with subtle energy for his patients to compliment the healing process. The SES water enhances the healing work and accelerates detoxification and cleansing. Every SES Water program is unique to the patient and their individual needs.

Anyone can have their water charged by Mikhail Dekhta for specific purposes, even if they are not going through the healing sessions.

Most patients feel energized, experience more positive emotions and moods, and find their attitude toward life is transformed for the better. It’s possible to experience some physical reactions during detoxification: a difference in body odor, an increase in the amount of odor or sweat, changes in color or odor of urine, appearance of rashes, and more. (These and other symptoms usually indicate the removal of accumulated toxins via natural channels in the body).

There are two ways of using Subtle Energy Saturated Water:

  • preventive healing: drinking water throughout the day or used for making cold drinks - smoothies, healthy vitamin or protein drinks, etc.
  • targeting specific health issues in combination with healing sessions: as instructed.

There is no tampering or touching the water. It remains in the sealed container. Mikhail gives patients new drinking instructions, depending on their reactions and results, and that is all that is required.

SES Water can be prepared during in-person session or during a remote treatment. In all cases each patient receives individually energized water that corresponds to her/his needs or the needs of his or her phase of healing.


I had the opportunity to observe changes in energized water in the form of images on a BEO GDV Camera based on the Kirlian method of photography. Hundreds of tests were carried out on this equipment and showed a significant difference from ordinary tap water in life force and charge.

The following photos and graphs depict typical changes in SES water compared to control tap water. It is obvious by visual examination alone that there are remarkable differences in the color of the image and the density of the charged tap water compared to the uncharged tap water (below).


Ordinary Tap Water charged with Subtle Energy 
©2009, Mikhail Dekhta

Ordinary Tap Water  (not charged with Subtle Energy)   
©2009 Mikhail Dekhta

 As measured by computer algorithms the density of the charged water is 0.236 compared to 0.525 for the control, the numbers referring to the ratio of the area of the image glow to the total area of the region being photographed. Thus, the glow is more greatly spread over the image in the treated water compared to the control.    

Note the stable lower line in the radius measurement of the SES water (a consistent finding), compared to the uncharged tap water.

The ordinary water while treated by M. Dekhta drastically changes its parameters, such as: intensity, density, fractality, form coefficient, and others. Some of these differences are represented in the form of graphs below. Pay attention to the difference in graph distribution in the right and left columns.                                                 

                                                                   Average intensity 


                   Ordinary water                               Subtle Energy Saturated Water   

                                                                     Form coefficient 


                  Ordinary water                              Subtle Energy Saturated Water               

During the research I observed another interesting fact: after freezing, melting and refreezing of the same sample of SES Water it was able not only to preserve its energy, but to redistribute it an unusual way – the icy spike has become higher (below pictures).