Testimonials & Research

Autism healing testimonial:

We’ve started remote healing sessions for my 4 year old son a few months ago. He has been diagnosed with Autism half a year earlier, and we begun our research for a working solution.

We tried IBI and Speech therapies, researched on homeopathy and chelation all unfortunately or with very little progress. Until we found Mikhail Dekhta at the Institute for Intentional Healing.

For the first month we’ve used only SES Water (subtle energy saturated) for detoxification but we noticed the results right after the first two days of intake.

1. The boy appeared charged with enormous amount of energy, that has never been seen before. He became extremely active and more curious about the environment.

2. At the same time he showed a lot more balanced behavior, frequent tantrums have gone away. There was more compliancy and obedience in all daily routines.

3. Teachers at daycare remarked his immediate change in behavior, increased interest in communication as well as capabilities to learn new things.

4. We witnessed a crisper diction. Child’s vocabulary had about 200 words at the time, but verbal expressions were rare and problematic to recognize.

Later on we’ve continued with regular healing sessions with Mikhail over the phone conducted via myself. There are also been long term improvements that we directly attribute to this therapy:

1. IBI Therapists were shocked on the sharp increase of our son’s cognitive abilities; to date they can’t keep up with him. He’s finishing every new program developed for him with excellence and within shorter time than originally planned. For the preceding half a year, his progress on IBI program was smaller, than after the first month of healing sessions.

2. Daycare teachers were flabbergasted to witness his learning and adapting skills from other kids in daycare. For example he learned to fight, defend himself against bullies, while previously always being bullied. Those days are gone.

3. As parents, we were impressed by his increased horizons by exploring public transportation system in the city together, where he showed great new degree of self control and interest.

4. On the second thought we’ve discovered that after all these months of unsuccessful toilet training, our child all of a sudden started using a potty, then in the few days switched over to toiled with the kid’s seat and shortly switching to regular toiletry. All on his own terms.

5. Changes in diet were dramatic as well, the son isn’t stuck with single preferred food choice any more. He enjoys new ingredients, meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

6. The boys is now listening to what people tell to him, performs instructions, and establishes great eye contact. (There’s been some IBI-related progress on that, however not as strong)

7. The child is bilingual, so he started talking in both languages simultaneously, sometimes verbally translating one language into another. Counting to 20, is another great new achievement. (there’s a partial contribution from IBI program as well)

8. We have no tantrums any more, the boy plays an actor sometimes and imitates a tantrum, however as soon as the condition is removed, he’s all back to normal. It seems nothing can take him out of balance anymore.

9. Oversensitivity to the material of the clothes has decreased significantly
Today we’re not out of the woods yet, and every month there’s time when we find ourselves on the dark side, however the amplitude of Autism pendulum has been gradually decreasing.

Sincerely, A.
Canada, Toronto


Ovarian cyst healed in five sessions:

The following images are ultra sounds showing an ovarian cyst and the disappearance of the cyst after five sessions of intentional healing. All sessions were done remotely on the phone with healer, Mikhail Dekhta.

The client is 45 years old. Upon her initial medical exam, the client’s doctor recommended she have a full hysterectomy, as her mother has ovarian cancer. The client instead decided to use the intentional healing method to take care of the cyst. After five sessions with Mikhail Dekhta, the cyst disappeared. The client also reports a feeling of greater energy, better health and emotional stability she attributes to her hormones in balance and all due to the intentional healing. Her testimonial will be added to this website shortly. Picture to the left: Ultra sounds depicting the ovary with the cyst and without, after intentional healing



Spine correction through Intentional Healing: 

A testimonial by the client and the healer on the healing of a crooked spine. it includes xrays of before and after.

Healing Back Injury:

Spine Correction and Healing by Mikhail Dekhta
– testimonial by Ed Della Monica

This testimonial on healing back pain and back injury is a true example of how subtle energy and intentional healing affects the physical body very directly. First the healer scans the patient in his physical and subtle bodies. Then he proceeds to work with the subtle bodies using heightened intention. Intentional healing of the subtle bodies is a controlled measure and quality of energy directly impacting the physical through the subtle bodies. At no point in the intentional healing treatment does the healer manipulate or touch the physical body of the patient.

The patient is a 43 yr. old construction worker, who, in September, 2006 injured his back on lifting a heavy weight. There was no previous history of any prior illnesses of significance except for weakness to his back, which had been treated by Mr. Dekhta.

In September of 2006 the patient injured his back after lifting a heavy weight. He wrote, “On a Wednesday around 1:30 PM I tried to lift a garbage can up into my dump truck. I knew I should not lift it because I have a bad back. But I’m self employed and there was no one around to help me. So as I lifted it up I felt a strong sharp pain in my lower back and I fell to my knees. I could not stand, the pain was so unbearable. It took me about 30 minutes to get in my house which was only approx. 30 feet away. I got in my room and laid down. I tried to get a hold of Mikhail but he was not in his office. Around 3:00PM I could not take the pain anymore. I called my chiropractor friend I used to go to before I met Mikhail. He has me come in for a setting – my wife had to drive me. I got to him around 4:15 and he took and xray then he tries to adjust my back.

It felt better as I stayed laying down but when I tried to stand the pain go so bad that I fell back down. I could not stand at all. He had my wife come in the room. I could not stand at all. I had to slide off the workbench to my knees then raise the workbench to help me get on my feet. It took some time to make it out to my car. I was in extreme pain when I finally got home and in bed. It all took about one hour.
I heard back from Mikhail that night and he gave me a treatment on the phone then I got a ride into the city that night where I got an (inperson) treatment from him. I got a room at a hotel one block away. I still was crooked and could not stand up straight. I stayed for two days and had a total of 5 visits with Mikhail. At the end of the 2nd day I was out of pain, able to walk by myself and able to stand up straight. I have been going to Mikhail at least one to two times per month. And my back is doing great. I still cannot lift heavy items but I still am able to work hard and stay out of pain. I get water treated by Mikhail which I drink – a small amount every morning and night. I have not had any problems to this day.”

Ed’s spine after injury

Ed’s corrected spine after five intentional healing sessions.