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Mikhail Dekhta, (healer, researcher) has been a professional healer for over twenty-five years and is the founder of the Institute for Intentional Healing Research. He has a Diploma in “Subtle Energy Therapy” based on the ancient IMAGO method of psycho-regulation, issued in Moscow, Russia, and participated in research on altered state of consciousness at the Institute of Brain of the Russian Academy of Science (1987).

Mr. Dekhta has worked with healers and patients in the United States, Europe, Russia and Africa. His background includes over 30 years of study of the ancient spiritual traditions. For more than ten years he was a researcher on subtle energy at The Center for Functional Research, spearheading Subtle Energy Saturated Water experiments for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies
Research lab (PEAR).

His SES Water research results on human intentions altering the tangible reality were presented at Princeton and in Italy (the international conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration, 2010).

Mr. Dekhta is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), of the Institute for Scientific Exploration (ISE), the Clinic for Integral Transformation (CIT) and Extraordinary Services and Technologies, Inc. (ESTI). 

He is a co-author of the book Secrets of Healers (2002) and the inventor of Maui Ocean Healing method (2012).

Mr. Dekhta is currently lecturing and holding workshops on Intentional Healing around the US and has a private healing practice in Oregon. His healing sessions are held in person or remotely.

Additionally, Mr. Dekhta has a Russian professional degree in linguistics and was a former radio and television journalist who was one of the first to speak about subtle energy healing and altered state of consciousness on Moscow radio before Perestroika.

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