Lectures & Workshops

Октябрь 7- 8  2017г.  с 10 часов утра до 5 часов вечера

Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния
2-х дневный семинар + освещение тем и вопросов, интересующих его участников

О месте проведения семинара будет сообщено дополнительно.
Количество мест ограничено.

For more information on workshop’s topics please email using website's contact form.
In Demystifying Subtle Energy, Mikhail Dekhta brings participants into a grounded exploration of their spiritual physiology beyond the physical. He diagrams the specific roles, nature and structures of the seven potential Subtle Energy Bodies that work in tandem with the physical body of the organism, always in a dialogue and at play with our environment as well as our own personal and karmic histories. By recognizing the roles and the interplay between the physical and ‘spiritual’ structures, one may understand in more realistic and specific terms, the nature of progress and evolution as well as the origin and prevention of disease; how thought, deed, environment and self-actualization, or the lack there of, impacts one’s own structure as well as influencing the structure of others. He will also cover his research and information on Subtle Energy Saturated Water. This includes practical implementation where participants will learn how to sense energy fields with their minds, hands and dowsing rods and will learn practical methods of meditation for quietness and peace of mind.