The healing process

Working with the Physical Body

The Subtle Body healer uses heightened intention to affect the subtle bodies in areas that correlate to the physical body. This is a very focused and specific method of healing.

Quality and Quantity: The healer uses concentrated, specific qualities of energy/intention that is resonant with the particular area of the body part. The healer then projects this quality of energy (or intention) in a controlled quantity into the subtle bodies.

The Subtle Body healer can see into the organism. He has control over what he is doing and can apply it in different concentrations and powers to make changes on each of the levels. After a frequency of sessions, over a varying period of time, this affects the organism on the physical level.

Diagnosis: Mikhail Dekhta will listen to the issues the patient describes, he will make his own diagnoses and commence work on the origin of the disease or issue. He will scan patients to ascertain areas of excessive toxins and disease even with patients undergoing traditional medical treatment where results are inconclusive or mysterious. With this expertise as a healer and his medical training, consultant Dr. Blasband may often make medical diagnoses when traditional methods fail.

Three Main Functions performed by the Subtle Body Healer:

  • Detoxify (cells and tissue)
  • Regenerate (if tissue is damaged)
  • Balance (the subtle bodies)

An injury or disease is not fully healed until and unless it no longer exists in all the subtle bodies. Illness is apparent in the subtle bodies before it can be detected in the physical. Very often a person may experience symptoms and discomfort with no medical explanation or permanent cure. The injuries or illness may make permanent changes in the subtle bodies that will affect the physical condition of the body forever. This is unless a healer will repair and rebalance the subtle bodies bringing health back to the physical body.

I remove the problem before it manifests on the physical plane and work from the source of the problem. This is very deep and lasting work. Disturbances and blockages that take place on the astral and etheric levels order the physical body to build exactly the same disturbances and blocks. The healer enters these realms to make positive corrections that will rebalance all the bodies, preventing disease in the physical.

The Process can be controlled. A certain amount of power may be applied while the healer is looking at what is happening inside the organism. This is an important difference between subtle body healing through intention versus many kinds of ‘energy healing’.

Subtle Body Healing is a natural source of healing and strengthening for the professional athlete or the serious enthusiast. We can help the body prepare and sustain integrity through repeated physical and emotional stress.

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