Preventive Healing & Disease

Preventive Healing

Fortunately the emphasis in our world for disease prevention has increased with the awareness of pesticides, environmental pollution and illness. Many people are taking the right steps toward living healthier lifestyles by eating cleanly, exercising and practicing peace of mind.

This work is most effective in preventive healing.

Many patients first come to me having intuitively received signals from the disease that exists in the subtle bodies. In some cases the disease may not have been diagnosed with all medical tests showing up normal and healthy. Still the patient feels discomfort and an overall anxiety about his or her physical health. This is the best time to begin intentional healing work as the disease itself is only at its inception and can be more quickly eliminated.

You are your own best judge. You, above all others, have the ability to sense the negative imprints on your subtle bodies that are clearly warning that you have been compromised. Once a disease has manifested in the physical body, it takes the healer an enormous amount of work and time to facilitate change. And it takes the patient considerably more time, money and commitment. But for those who come early, they will greatly benefit. Not only will the healer be able to work to address the primary issues in the subtle bodies, but often the patient will come to profound understanding about his or her life and make significant and enduring, positive changes.

We cannot stress enough how valuable it is to work with an intentional healer during a state of relative ‘health’. We take a shower to keep our bodies clean. We go to the dentist to keep our teeth healthy and to catch a cavity before it infects the nerve. Seeing an intentional healer is a boon for the health of the entire organism: subtle bodies and physical body.


Disease originates from a variety of sources.

In the subtle bodies, disease may stem from karmic origins, genetic origins or originate in our thoughts, deeds and interactions with others. Disease may also begin in the physical body (level) due to elements such as a toxic environments, (physically, emotionally or mentally), which are then imprinted in our subtle bodies: etheric, astral, and sometimes mental.

Medical treatments that consist primarily of drugs and surgery only eliminate or reduce symptoms on the physical level and do not affect the imprints of the disease at its roots, which remain in the subtle bodies. This is why, in due course, the disease may appear again; perhaps in the same form or perhaps in another part of the body and with a new name.

Let us compare disease with a river and drugs with a dam. A dam blocks the river water which then accumulates and builds pressure. The water forces the weakest spot in the dam, breaking through and flooding the landscape in a chaotic and destructive manner, causing damage to whatever is in its path.

The same phenomenon occurs with medical treatment and drugs. They act as a dam and sooner or later a new illness or disease may erupt. Then the patient spends more money on another drug for the new illness or set of symptoms, and the cycle continues.

The body strives to balance and heal itself. Often the body will make compensations and sacrifices in an attempt to fight the disease and survive. A person will feel loaded down with health issues, one after the other. The compensations can become illnesses themselves. When the healer works with a patient, he or she is working in tandem and totality with the organism to balance and correct one pathological disorder at a time, which will support the body and help heal the weaknesses due to compensation.

Cleansing and Detoxification is the first phase integral part of the healing process. Whether for preventing disease, curing disease or for furthering one’s extra sensory abilities/evolution, cleansing and detoxification is necessary and mandatory. This highly important this process takes on average, eight to twelve months. However, certain medications, (including chemotherapy or radiation) may lengthen the cleansing period. Very often the cleansing and detoxification alone begins to weaken disease and strengthen the body in preparation for more intense work. People often feel much better immediately and may have many positive experiences and results.

In rare cases, healing can be ‘spontaneous’. Or a patient may heal from a disease after few years.
 For example, the following are some of Mikhail’s quickest results, as reported by patients:

  • a 3-inch cyst of the ovary – one session
  • a constant stomach hemorrhage of 23 years duration – 9 sessions
  • a 2.5-inch myoma of uterus – 12 months
  • prostatitis – 7 sessions
  • hormonal disease of more than 4 years’ duration – testosterone level back to normal – 10 months

These are so called “spontaneous” healing results, which are rather exceptions than a general pattern of time required for healing these kinds of diseases.

The period of healing depends greatly upon :

  • the patient and the type of disease
  • the length of time a patient had the disease before he/she addressed a healer
  • upon patients’ habits, type of a character, age, patients’ attitude and outlook
  • upon subjective responses to this method of healing and many others.

Patients who take large quantities of supplements, “natural” hormones, and other over-the-counter products may take a longer time to heal than those who keep medications and other substances to a minimum.