Cleansing & Detoxification

The cleansing and elimination of toxins is essential to the body’s health and well being.

Due to lifestyle, environment and birth conditions, our systems are often loaded with toxins and eventually may reach a critical point when the toxins begin to breakdown the system, compromising the integrity of the entire organism. This eventually may lead to chronic disease. Cleansing and detoxification through subtle energy is the first step in healing disease or preventive healing. The best method for preventive healing is to cleanse and detoxify through the subtle bodies, targeting specific toxic areas and enabling safe and healthy elimination.

During the cleansing and detoxification a patient may experience a range of subjective experiences or sensations. Some common indications of this detoxification processes are:

  • profound relaxation
  • itching, tingling, warmth in the fingers, toes, palms, or an all over body- heat
  • increased heart beat and circulation
  • throbbing in old injuries
  • increased sensitivity, especially to odors
  • sharper vision
  • feelings of love, relief, sorrow and other emotions coming to the surface

Some other signs are:

  • drainage from sinuses and nose
  • drainage into back of throat
  • coughing
  • invigorated, youthful appearance
  • better hydration, circulation, skin tone
  • rash
  • changes in body and urine odor
  • gastrointestinal changes
  • positive changes in women’s menstrual cycle

There are many other responses that might occur during healing, cleansing, and detoxifying. Since not one person is alike, different patients experience different reactions. This depends on the disease, on the level of the body’s toxicity and the receptivity and sensitivity of the patient.

SES Water is a vital part of continuing the detox program.