Introduction to Intentional Healing

How Does Intentional Healing Work?

The mind is the most powerful part of the human nature. How one develops the mind determines one’s abilities. Quantum physics now grasps the power of intention as a force that can change and alter matter. A subtle body healer trains this force until it is honed and sharpened, and has the ability to affect living matter – the human being – in the way he chooses.

What are Subtle Bodies? A human being is more than a physical body. Six subtle energy bodies create a physical body of a human being.

Artists, athletes, scholars, writers, high level scientists and doctors, farmers and ancient practitioners of wisdom all know there is a power beyond the physical.

We also consist of subtle bodies: etheric, astral and sometimes mental bodies.

These subtle bodies are connected to the physical through openings called chakras, which receive the flow of subtle matter. The subtle bodies interact and interrelate, exchanging energy and information between them, with the world and with the physical. When the body receives stress, so do the subtle bodies.

When the subtle bodies pick up turmoil in the environment, they in turn affect the physical. These negative physical changes develop on the cellular level and accompanied by an overload of toxins, they must be reversed. This is the area of the healer’s expertise. A person may sometimes experience repetitive physical injury or illness stemming from the stress upon the subtle bodies with no rational reason on the physical level.

This is frequently apparent when traditional medicine cannot fully diagnose an issue yet the patient ‘knows’ intuitively that something is wrong on a higher level and eventually chronic problems arise in the physical without explanation. When all subtle bodies are healthy and in balance, so is the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person.

In reverse, there may be repeated stress on the physical body, which imprints on the subtle bodies. The subtle bodies then “reprogram’ the weakness into the physical. And the person feels a vicious cycle of injury or illness. Subtle body healing will redirect the subtle bodies to make healthy changes and will work to strengthen and correct the physical.

Subtle Body Healing directly affects the physical body. But at no time does the healer touch the physical body.

Subtle Energy Saturated Water: In Mikhail Dekhta’s healing practice, he charges water with subtle energy for his clients as a means of accelerating the healing process. His clients drink this water during the healing process and afterwards.

On this website we will give you simple and concise descriptions of intentional healing (subtle body healing), of the origin of disease, the practice and some basic guidelines. For indepth information on intentional healing, please visit our workshops page.

 The unseen bodies are sometimes referred to as subtle (energy) bodies, energy bodies, spirit or spiritual bodies. The term “spiritual” as used here and throughout our writing is not associated with any religious context or beliefs.

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